Ben Britton is a working artist and associate professor at the University of Cincinnati’s DAAP ( School of Design, Architecture, Art  & Planning) teaching subjects such as Game Art, New Media, and Electronic Art. He is currently working on Delphi, a game and installation that is to premiere in Spring of 2020. 

Ongoing research includes study in cultural history and  artificial intelligence animation for the purpose of informing and facilitating new, significant artistic production.

Research keywords:
art history, humanoid animation, interactive design, behavior trees, archaeometry, human history, space exploration, mobile EEG, touchscreen, VR/AR, UVW video projection, lightfield camera, reality capture, photogrammetry, 3d file formats, geometry, Neanderthal, Magdalenian, Younger Dryas, Tassili N’Ajjer, Holocene, equinoctial precession, historical cosmology, Lagrange points, economics of asteroid mining, zero-gravity architecture, fiber optics communication, thorium energy, closed ecosystems, habitable virtual immersive systems, digital simulation, natural language processing, chat systems, AI expression, megalithic architecture, prehistoric art, contemporary culture.

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